Yoga Massage Ball - Natural Cork Ball - Massage Ball - Fitness Ball - Self Care Tools - Muscle Pain Relief - Myofascial Release

Beautiful natural cork ball is designed to massage pressure points on your body.

Perfectly suited to melting away knotted fibres, improving circulation and alleviating muscle pain, and working through your fascia.

These are handmade natural cork with the logo burned into the cork.

The cork material is created from the bark of the cork oak tree. Unlike other natural materials, no chopping of the tree which means more sustainable! The cork oak regrows its bark every 8-10 years and in this period it becomes a CO2 sink - it absorbs 3 times more CO2.

Powerful self-healing cork massage balls enhances joint movement, relieve pain, increase circulation and calm your nervous system.

Lean into a wall, chair, or yoga mat to create just the right pressure in those hard-to-reach spots.

2” Diameter

Yoga Massage Ball - Natural Cork Ball - Self CareTool